Footing Forms

Instead of using 2”x4” lumber to form the footings, Herbert Construction Company uses recyclable footing forms.

After the footings have been poured, we strip these forms and reuse them. The builder does not have to provide the 2”x4” lumber. Also, because we take these forms off the site, the builder does not have a pile of used lumber on their jobsite that they have to pay someone to dispose of. The grading contractor does not have to work around the lumber pile, and the slab contractor and termite contractor don’t have to remove form boards or pull up wooden stakes before starting their work.
The builder is losing $200.00 - $300.00 per foundation if they are currently supplying the form lumber.  They are potentially paying an additional $185.00 or more when they pay to have the lumber removed from the site and disposed of.

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