Robotic Total Station

100% of the footings and walls that we construct are laid out using one of our three Robotic Total Station layout instruments.  This eliminates the inherent errors that occur while using measuring tapes. Our customers consistently receive dimensionally correct and square foundations. 

A difficult house or townhome foundation that is laid out with tapes can cause the builder headaches and lost construction schedule days if the foundation is incorrect.

A developer can increase their profits by utilizing our Robotic Total Station.  They don’t have to have their detention pond walls laid out multiple times by a survey crew.  We can use our layout instrument throughout the excavation, footing construction, and wall construction instead of requiring multiple re-stakes by the survey crew.

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“I only have to meet with their layout men once to get my wall started.  This allows me to do the thousand other things I need to do rather than wait around for a footing crew and then a wall crew and try and go over layout and wall heights with them.”
Mike Greene, Builder, Ryland Homes