CAD Plans

Know What you are Being Charged
When you receive your concrete foundation invoice, how can you verify that the listed items accurately match what was constructed on the site?

How many times have your concrete foundation invoices listed additional charges for “extra concrete and labor” for unspecified areas in the footings? (This is a common tactic poured wall contractors use to make up for a low bid price.)

With Herbert Construction, you know what has been constructed because we send an “as constructed” CAD plan with every invoice.  This plan shows the wall heights, brickledge heights, footing jumps, and everything else that went into the foundation construction.  You can verify every item on your invoice with your copy of the CAD plan.

Reduce Errors and Miscommunications
Every foundation we construct is first drawn on our custom CAD system.  We can easily make changes to the plan made by our customer.  This reduces potential errors and miscommunication with our customer.

The CAD plan is updated throughout the concrete wall construction to accurately communicate what was required on the site. 

When the project is completed, the invoice is sent to our customer along with this “as constructed” CAD plan.  This plan shows the wall heights, brickledge heights, footing jumps, and everything else that went into the foundation construction.

Our customers can verify every item on their invoice with their copy of the “as constructed” CAD plan.

Use our CAD Plan to Order Materials
Our production builders also utilize this CAD plan to order brick and lumber packages to finish out the daylight / walkout areas.  This saves them the time of field measuring each basement after it is constructed, then relaying that information to their office.

More Benefits of our Custom CAD System:
- Changes made to the plan by the builder are verified and carried out correctly.
- Discrepancies between the basement plan and the first floor plan can be caught and resolved.
- Incorrect dimensions can be corrected prior to construction.
- Our invoicing can be verified and checked against the CAD plan.

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“I am very impressed with Herbert Construction Company’s C.A.D. drawings.  This is a huge asset for us.  This service gives us a better understanding of what was done in the field.”     
Dale Bercher, Chief Operating Officer, Traton Homes

Example of CAD plan.
Click drawing for enlarged view.

“When they draw their C.A.D. plan, they draw in any changes that I have made to the stock set of plans that I give them.  That way the footing and the wall crews know of the changes and my foundation gets put in correctly.”

Martin Head, President, Concord Communities, Inc.

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