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“I have been able to save a lot of my time by not having to manage all of the aspects commonly associated with typical labor-only construction.  Given my confidence in Herbert Construction Company’s system, I can concentrate on more important things.”
Jim Sessoms, Sessoms Homes

Turnkey foundation pricing instead of Labor-Only foundation pricing:

Many builders think they save money when they purchase the concrete themselves, instead of the foundation contractor purchasing it. While many times they get the concrete at below list price, it probably isn’t cheaper than a foundation contractor who pours concrete many times a day, every day.

However, the real cost the builders are incurring is in the amount of concrete they are using for each foundation. When the foundation contractor is providing a turnkey foundation, the builder only pays for the amount of concrete that is figured into the lineal foot price that they are invoiced.

When the builder uses a labor only contractor and pays for the concrete directly, they are paying for 5 – 7 extra yards for each basement foundation. This is because the poured wall contractor, who is not paying for the concrete, will invariably order extra so they don’t run short. Also, when using a pump truck, extra concrete is needed for the hopper and lines.

Extra yardage added by the labor-only foundation contractor:
1-2 Extra yards for the footing pour $94.00 - $188.00
1    Extra yard for the footing pump $94.00          
2-3 Extra yards for the wall pour $188.00 - $282.00
1    Extra yards for the wall pump $94.00
Total amount in extra concrete costs: $470.00 - $658.00

Since the builder/developer doesn’t have the time to calculate how many yards the project should have taken and then compare it to what was delivered to the site, they are unaware that they are losing money on every foundation they construct, regardless of the low concrete yardage price they may have negotiated with their concrete supplier.

The builder is losing $470.00 to $658.00 in concrete costs on every labor-only foundation instead of using a large turnkey foundation contractor like Herbert Construction Company

Footing form material:

Instead of using 2”x4” lumber to form the footings, Herbert Construction Company uses recyclable footing forms. After the footings have been poured, we strip these forms and reuse them.

The builder does not have to provide the 2”x4” lumber. Also, because we take these forms off the site, the builder does not have a pile of used lumber on their jobsite that they have to pay someone to dispose of.

The grading contractor does not have to work around the lumber pile, and the slab contractor and termite contractor don’t have to remove form boards or pull up wooden stakes before starting their work.

The builder is losing $200.00 - $300.00 per foundation if they are currently supplying the form lumber.  They are potentially paying an additional $185.00 or more when they pay to have the lumber removed from the site and disposed of.

To discover more ways Herbert Construction can increase profits for builders and developers and prevent them from losing money on every foundation,

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