“The level of professionalism and attention to detail demonstrated by Herbert Construction is a tremendous advantage to us in the construction process.  Their reputation for on-time and hassle free completion of projects and superior quality has earned our business time after time.”
Robby Chastain, President, Chastain Homes

“I like Herbert Construction’s professional mannerisms.  They are very easy to work with.  They are thorough and neat in their work.  Herbert Construction does the job in a timely manner and the work is completed when they say it is.”
James Moran, Head Inspector, City of Villa Rica

“Herbert Construction’s ability to organize and pre-plan every detail associated with a foundation project results in unrivaled efficiency and overall contractor satisfaction.”
Bert Palmer, Engineer, Palmer Construction Consultants

“When I meet with Herbert Construction Company’s footing layout crew, I can count on them to finish the foundation in a specific number of days.  This allows me to schedule the rest of my trades accurately and reliably,”
Charlie Borg, Project Manager, Traton Homes

“Herbert Construction creates value for us with their talent, knowledge, capabilities, and timely performance.  They are in the critical path of the job start.  That phase is perhaps the most important phase in home building; because, once the foundation is in, we have overcome a lot of the more difficult issues in the building cycle.”
Bob White, President, Venture Homes

“When they draw their C.A.D. plan, they draw in any changes that I have made to the stock set of plans that I give them.  That way the footing and the wall crews know of the changes and my foundation gets put in correctly.”
Martin Head, President, Concord Communities, Inc.

“Working with Herbert Construction Company is outstanding.  They are easy to communicate with, have a willingness to work through problems, and have a very good final product.”
Jim Sessoms, Sessoms Homes
“By using the C.A.D. plan that Herbert Construction Company supplies, we can determine how much lumber, brick, and other materials to send to the job to frame up the daylight basement area.”
Rick Foster, V.P. of Construction, Traton Homes
“Herbert Construction’s invoices are clear and concise.  I get a copy of their C.A.D plan which reflects what they have billed on their invoice.  Therefore, I see exactly what they are billing me for, no questions asked.”
Aaron Sibly, Operations Manager, Monte Hewett Homes

“With Herbert Construction’s Geodimeter Layout instrument, they are not relying on men laying out the foundation with tapes, which accounts for many mistakes.  Because of this, we don’t lose time because a foundation out of square.”
Justin Linton, Builder, Laurel River Properties

“I am a huge fan of utilizing turn-key foundations as installed by Herbert Construction Company.”
Jim Sessoms, Sessoms Homes
“With soils and foundations being the most difficult part of my job, I need a professional company that knows what they are doing.  Herbert Construction Company is the most professional foundation contractor I have worked with.” 
Charlie Borg, Project Manager, Traton Homes

“Herbert Construction gets us an estimate for the job within 24 hours, and the estimate is almost always within a few hundred dollars of the invoice for the finished job.”
Randy Black, Co-owner, Next Generation Homes

“I only have to meet with their layout men once to get my wall started.  This allows me to do the thousand other things I need to do rather than wait around for a footing crew and then a wall crew and try and go over layout and wall heights with them.”
Mike Greene, Builder, Ryland Homes

“Herbert Construction is the only poured wall contractor I know of with Account Managers.  Therefore, I always have a point of contact and someone to return my calls.  It saves me time and worry knowing that there is one person who is 100% familiar with my subdivision.”
David Watkins, Area Manager, Monte Hewett Homes
“I am very impressed with Herbert Construction Company’s C.A.D. drawings.  This is a huge asset for us.  This service gives us a better understanding of what was done in the field.”      
Dale Bercher, Chief Operating Officer, Traton Homes

“I like how Herbert Construction Company’s CAD system controls the foundation process.  It directs the field crews, and allows for accurate up-front estimates and invoicing.”
Jim Sessoms, Sessoms Homes
“What impresses me the most about Herbert Construction is their ability to take difficult projects and make them look easy.  Cobb County requirements on detention pond walls are onerous and the team at Herbert worked closely with our project engineer to ensure the walls they built were to the exacting standards that the County requires.”
Gregg Goldenberg, K2 Ventures, LLC
“Quality, value, integrity, and reliability are just a few choice words describing Herbert Construction Company.  The experience and dedication that the Herbert staff brings to every job translates directly into superior quality and precision.  Their workmanship and professionalism are unparalleled, that's why Bauhaus Design Build chooses Herbert Construction Company.”
Anthony Bondhus, President, Bauhaus Design Build, LLC.

“When you put a foundation in, and your company’s name is on that house you are building, you need to know the foundation is put in correctly.  We get that peace of mind with Herbert Construction Company”
Dale Bercher, Chief Operating Officer, Traton Homes

“I have been able to save a lot of my time by not having to manage all of the aspects commonly associated with typical labor-only construction.  Given my confidence in Herbert Construction Company’s system, I can concentrate on more important things.”
Jim Sessoms, Sessoms Homes